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AW 2021 | 2022

Breathe in…. Breathe out
The world has changed abruptly. Plug in to recharge and reassess the future with trend forecaster Jan Agelink of trendagency Buro Jantrendman, with over 25 years experience advising companies with concepts that connect brand values with relevant socio-cultural trends. Join Jan as he takes you on a personal guided Cyber Safari, exploring what’s in and what’s out in this strange new world from the comfort and safety of your couch.

We take a virtual tour to show you the changes in society with the implications they have for a range of consumer markets.
Get new energy, feel new inspiration!


10:00 - The Emperor's New Clothes | lifestyle & fashion trends

11:00 - Coffee break

11:20 - The Sensual Home | lifestyle, interior & design trends

12:05 - Q&A
12:20 - End

Both presentations will give inspiration ánd practical information containing;

  • society and consumertrends
  • fashiondesign focus ( 1st presentation ) , interior & design focus ( 2nd presentation )
  • retail & marketing concepts
  • inspiration for shape, materials and prints
  • colourtrends

After the presentation you will receive a short digital handout with the colourcharts
( PDF format )

The price for this online trendpresentation = 65 euro, register >> here

-If you cannot watch live, you will receive a replay link-

The Emperor's new Clothes

Consumer trends | mode focus | lifestyle

The already overheated fashion industry gets a hard blow to process. It might be the moment where the idea of slow-fashion turns into a viable option.

The open letter of international designers and high fashion houses show the wish and need from inside out to break with traditional patterns and systems. Influences & inspiration taken from craft culture, re-use techniques and digital tools paint a new picture for the future fashion landscape.

The Sensual Home

Consumer trends | design – interior | lifestyle

Our sudden constriction of our habitat is causing new views on how we live, work, relax and play. There is a -renewed- appreciation and boost of all things related to ‘nesting’, wellbeing and sensuality.

At the same time the need to get ‘the outdoors indoors’ never has been bigger. We welcome a new design language inspired by big open blue skies, green fields and the waves of the ocean. Reminding us of calming sensory experiences that balance our minds in troubled times.

After the presentation you will receive a short digital handout with the colourcharts ( PDF format ) The price for this online trendpresentation = 65 euro, register >> here

Schrijf je in voor onze nieuwsbrief

Wie zijn wij?

Buro jantrendman maakt al ruim 20 jaar innovatieve én praktische trend forecasts voor de lifestyle-,mode- en designindustrie. Trends zijn er in overvloed. Maar welke trend is nu belangrijk? Wat is de achterliggende gedachte van een trend? En welke impact hebben trends op het consumentengedrag? En wat kun (of ‘moet’) je daarmee als merk, product, retailer of ontwerper? Met deze vragen houdt buro jantrendman zich dagelijks bezig.

Onze trend-services zijn altijd op maat gemaakt. We analyseren trends en vertalen ze in duidelijke, overzichtelijk gedefinieerde thema's die perfect aansluiten op jouw business. Buro jantrendman levert waardevolle, inspirerende tools voor het versterken van je bedrijfsstrategie.

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Onze werkwijze Buro jantrendman maakt trends inzichtelijk en vertaalt ze op een heldere manier door naar herkenbare thema’s. We bieden onze klanten inspirerend advies over kleuren, materialen, designvormen en patronen. Passend bij het seizoen én toegespitst op producten, merken en diensten in de mode- en designindustrie. Onze trendinformatie geven we op verschillende manieren: inspirerende presentaties, (digitale) trendboeken en persoonlijk en betrokken advies (customized).